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Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute

Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute is a versatile vocational institute providing working-life oriented training and education for a variety of vocational qualifications. The institute has approximately 3,000 students.

Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute provides high-quality education in the following sectors:
- Technology and Transpor
- Culture
- Natural Sciences

- Social Sciences, Business and Administration

- Social, Health and Physical Education Services

- Tourism, Catering and Home Economics

Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute is a regionally significant provider of vocational education. It operates in 12 distinct facilities that are based in central localities in the Pirkanmaa region.

The versatility and extent of the institute's offering provide students with genuine opportunities for individual choice of the course of study in terms of both vocational education and general upper secondary school education. The Ministry of Education has granted Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute with the specific educational assignment of organising vocational education for athletes. The Institute also holds partial responsibility for the provision and active development of special education in the Pirkanmaa region.

With the help of approximately 300 employees, Pirkanmaa Vocational Institute guarantees fluency of educational matters as well as the provision of first-rate student services.

Contact person in international affairs:

Coordinator of International Affairs
Mikko Turunen
mob. + 358 50 597 9202